lunes, septiembre 10, 2007

uEntrega No 186.

Más de MXPX...............

Va un album más de esta buena agrupación de Punk Rock "ligerito" y de buenas hechuras, desde Bremerton Washington: MXPX. Este es su cuarto album, de 1998 "Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo", uno de sus mejores trabajos, 16 buenos tracks.

MXPX / Slowly Going the Way of the Buffalo ( 1998 Fontana A&M).

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1. Under Lock And Key
2. Tomorrow's Another Day
3. The Final Slowdance
4. I'm OK, You're OK
5. Cold And All Alone
6. Party, My House, Be There
7. The Downfall Of Western Civilization
8. Invitation To Understanding
9. Fist Vs. Tact
10. What's Mine Is Yours
11. Self Serving With A Purpose
12. For Always Listen Listen
13. Set The Record Straight
14. Get With It!
15. Inches From Life
16. The Theme Fiasco

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